In the early 1920's, Lake Kemp was completed ten miles north of Seymour. The Lake became a favorite spot for fishing and all types of water sports. In those days, fishing season opened on May 1. All the town would head for the Lake on the first day of fishing season and the merchants did very little business on that day. Therefore, it was decided by the City Fathers to close all the business houses and the schools, declare a holiday and go fishing.

Across the country, numerous fishing events happen throughout the year but none are like Seymour’s unique Fish Day. As most of you know, Fish Day began in 1926. In those days there was a fishing season. The first day of Fishing season was May 1st. After Lake Kemp was built, everyone went fishing on that day. Seymour forefathers thought they might as well make it a holiday since everyone skipped school, left the farm, and closed the shops to go fishing. The Seymour Chamber of Commerce added a little fun to the day by adding additional events.

May 3, 2008 was no different. We went fishing! And
we had events. This year’s Fish Day started with the captains’ briefing and sign-in for the chili cook-off.
The clear blue sky and no wind made a perfect day to connect with the family on the shores of Lake Kemp. Weather conditions couldn’t have been better for fishing. Seven young anglers took part in the kids fishing. Soon the participants lost focus finding other recreational events more inviting. The three-legged race seemed to be the most enjoyed as 15 pairs of three-legged contestants lopped around the track fighting to stay upright. Cheers from the crowd made for much excitement as the winners stumbled across the finish line. Some crippled in much later… much much later. 15 kites were airborne and made a colorful sky with a bright blue background. The Kites continued to fly the majority of the day. Competition was stiff with 11 cook-off challengers. These guys were serious about the game and worked faithfully to fight for the coveted 1st place. The Dutch oven surprise box continues to be one of the fun categories enjoyed by the cooking challengers. As always the horseshoe tournament finishes up the last of the contests. This is the time when all the contestants kick-back and enjoy each others camaraderie. As everyone began to pack their cooking rigs and pull
down their tents, plans were being made for next years Fish Day.

A. Teams preparing for battle
B. Crazy Hat contestants.
C. Horse shoes anyone?
D. The kite flyers had everyone looking up!
E. The egg toss.
F. Chili Contestants: Doug Finch's Poor Boy's Team      from Crowell, TX
G. The kids pick their Cow Patty's carefull for the Cow      Patty Toss
H. The Cow Patty Toss line-up!
I.   Tim Poole and nephew Donavan Heard of Seymour      pulls out a 3rd place win with Donavan's chili pot.
J.  Trish and grandson from Wichita Falls were 2nd      place winners with their  Hot Mama Jones Peppers
K. Tony & Cristi Hamm and Marla Robertson all      from Herring Point Lake Kemp show off their 1st      place Beans and 2nd place Chili trophies.
L. Justin and Jason Williams from Wolfforth, Tx worked      hard to win first place with their Chili recipe.
M. Chili Cookoff "Best of Show": Brentsters Bootyful      Bunnies from Wolfforth, TX
N. Chili contestants: Jeff Whitten and Joe Nusz Raiders      Team from Wolfforth, TX
O. Tami Williams from Wolforth, Tx shows off a new twist      for jalapenos...creme cheese filled Jalapenos dipped      in Chocolate..the winning recipe!
P. Chili Contestant: Rusty Russell and crew from      Crowell, TX

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